How consequential we are from space.

  “Sawtooth” is a video using elements from Dublin and the Wicklow hills. The model in the video is used as a surface that a live feed from the International Space Station looking directly down at the earth was projected onto and then recorded. The video is my response to the diminutive scale of the individual within the wider world around around us and the interplay between the constructed and the natural world. The context  that we have of the world is based on knowledge and experience.


It is easy to get trapped in the perception that we are the whole of our existence. When I see the live footage from the International space station it puts perspective on how small we are in the scale of things.The sound for the video is a live recording of the oscillation between a sawtooth wave and a sine wave. Again I would like to continue to make the sound for my videos as I feel it is important to create the full breadth of the piece.


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