Peep Hole

Surprise MoFo’s…  you are having an exhibition next week?!?!?

There are many ways that I would like to put together an exhibition. Under the time constraints that were necessary for the open day it was always going to be messy. I wanted to use the desks that we had been working on for the semester in a constructive way. Especially considering the amount of negativity that surrounded their imposition and the removal of the larger ones. In fairness I only felt a slight bit guilty about keeping my own desk.

tape-lines-peephole                      peephole-nialls

The folding desks though would make a good canvas to projection map onto. 3 days to learn TouchDesigner for the projection mapping…kantan-mapper

… and one day to construct the platform to project onto….. and tidy the space. No Bother.


I wanted to use the communal space to project all of the work that my classmates and I had been submitting over the semester. It only seemed fair as I was using all of their desks. This might have been optimistic of me as getting everyone’s videos in on time in the right format proved challenging.


All in all a well received and hopefully successful evening. Nice to see the enthusiasm that can be mustered at short notice.

Peephole as the title refers to, is the hole that was drilled in the door of the former directors office, which in now part of our studio space, as a protest at the lack of transparency in the finances and irregularities in the submission of the accounts.


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