Exhibition Statement



The work that I have included in the “PeepHole” group show are two video pieces and an animation loop.

I have presented the videos using projection mapping within the rectangles using the desks from the exhibition space as an abstract geometric surface.

“Sawtooth” is a video using elements from Dublin and the Wicklow hills. The model in the video is used as a surface that a live feed from the International Space Station looking directly down at the earth was projected onto and then recorded. The video is my response to the diminutive scale of the individual within the wider world around around us and the interplay between the constructed and the natural world.The sound for the video is a live recording of the oscillation between a sawtooth wave and a sine wave.

“Pain Itself” is a sound piece that involves the use of the various iterations of Lorem Ipsum, a typesetters device used for holding space since the 1500’s. I have used translations of the original text by Cicero in 35bc and re-recorded the text through text to speech generators and also using contact mic recordings of the production of a charcoal transcription of a commonly used block of Lorem Ipsum text. I have produced a sound collage with these recordings and the gradual entropy after each use and abuse, using data bending, analogue synthesis and fire to create a piece that is as far from identical to the original Cicero speech but reflects the phases of reinterpretation over nearly two thousand years.

“Car Space” is a short animation loop that interprets the idea of personal space as an extension from house to car and back again.


“Sawtooth” – Video and live projection – 4:19

“Pain Itself” – Video with sound Collage –  2:20

“CarSpace” – 3d animation – 1:00

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