Notes after 12/12/16

Now that we are becoming more aware that we live in  our own individual communication cul de sac’s we need to be looking at the reasons that have created this situation. Technology has streamlined communication and by it’s nature it is  fundamentally binary. Biological communication is a messy subjective affair. Technological communication without the nuances of body language parses our inflection in computational representation, bits, that are subject to signal loss as well as being binary.  

With biological or endosomatic evolution genetic diversity is built on mistakes in our genetic code. That error over time becomes an asset. With the rapidity of out technological or exosomatic evolution that asset of recombination creating diversity has been excluded. Exosomatic evolution prefers exclusion of error and prefers exactly reproducible results, sans nuance. This is the singularity. 

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Digital Arts Symposium : The Postdigital, Contributive Economy, Contemporary Practice. (Notes)

Prof. Matthew Causey –  The Earth as a data farm for the virtual world

Heideggers theory of production of art


Duluze – Model of Assemblages

Digital art/Hybridity/Performity/Event

Heidegger Questions of Technology ?

What is and what matters – Functions of Art

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