The real nine eleven.

What have we woken up to this morning?

A realisation that the liberal minority has been living in a bubble for the last eight years and that this bubble has been burst.  D.J. Trump is now on the decks and is likely to set the stage for  unprecedented uncertainty for the world over the next four years. Misogyny and xenophobia while being an undercurrent in the american psyche since civil war times has come to the come to the surface once again. The cult of personality in politics and a media that allowed itself to be co-opted by a parody of the common man has let the anger at several years of polarisation of wealth to be the determining factor in a glorified gameshow host to leading the most aggressive foreign policy driven nation in the world.

The worst possible outcome has become the result. In the aftermath of Thomas Nair murdering JO Cox in the U.K. just prior to the E.U. exit referendum my presumption was that it would galvanise the liberal and the moderate conservatives to at least recognise that hate that fuels the campaign and redouble the efforts of the fact based arguments.

Do we live really live in a post truth world where people presume they know everything because they have access to everything therefore make their assumptions based on their own intuition within narrow information streams and if called into question support their assumptions with attacks on the established modes of knowledge acquisition as being elitist and agendised.


Trump is a morally bankrupt oompa loompa with the Neu Gestapo at his heel …



Cultivating Violence

I guess that I should explain this, lest it be thought that I was advocating the cultivation of weapons. I’m not. It is an illustration of the paramilitirism that lingers in Europe.

It is directly related to a conversation I had with a  Croatian friend who beleives that virtually every household has a remnant from the Balkan war buried in their fields. With the tensions ratcheting up in the area recently due to the  inadequate European scrambling to help the deluge of refugees coming for shelter this is scratching at the barely subsurface fear and sectarianism.

I believe it reflects our own issues burying paramilitirism in Ireland also. Maybe more in an ideological sense than solely the ak’s though. With the recent verification of the existence of a senior military council of so called disbanded organisation the mindset of violence has become steeped into the soil. Which is unfortunate as for generations we will be clearing ideological mind fields.