“There is no such thing as suck” – Pallas Projects – 30/8/2019



      The arrow is a representation of several aspects of my digital and real life. There is the turmoil of decisions that ultimately go into the process of making and there is a multitude of likes and dislikes that are quantifiable elements of my digital self for better or worse.  It is a reflection of the process of indecision in the physical act of making. The arrow is a Damoclean foil to the indecision of the script that creates concrete word assemblages.

The generative concrete poetry is a simulacrum of the manufactured content that is so pervasive in digital forms of communication these days. The sculpture being the cumulative aspect of many hours of analog labor casts it’s slightly whimsica,l slightly trollish, vote on the content.

The title derives from an internet argument about the physics behind closing a freezer door and then reopening it. Apparently suck does not exist. Also the color is an allusion to the fact that Magenta and particularly in this case Tele-Magenta does not exist in the light wavelength spectrum. Apparently our brains process this color as “not purple”.  All of these things someone on the internet will be happy to tell you.





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